Fallen Angel

by Vesper Walk

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released September 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Vesper Walk York, UK

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Track Name: Auntie Sarah
Last night I went to the fish and chip shop
A wee dog stole a haddy bone
A big dog tried to pinch it
So I gave it a punch on the nose
I went to tell my Auntie Sarah
But my Auntie Sarah wasny in
So I looked through a hole in the windi
And shouted 'Auntie Sarah - are you in?'

Auntie Sarah are you in?
Auntie Sarah are you in?
Auntie Sarah are you in?
Are you in?

Her false teeth were lying on the table
Her wig was lying on the bed
Her leg was stonning in the corner
Her wig was lying on the table

Her false teeth were lying on the table
Her wig was lying on the bed
Her leg was stonning in the corner
So I went off to find her in the shed
Thought she was hingin in the cludgy
Her big fit poked through the door
Her shudders and hon s were shaking
she said 'don't be coming here no more!' CH

Are you there, are you there Sarah?
Are you in?

Did you see her go by
You will be the next to cry
The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
How many times till you're out?

Her false teeth were lying on the table
Her wig was lying on the bed
Her leg was stonning in the corner
Her wig was lying on the table CH
Track Name: Ghost
The sunlight catches on the leaves of red
That fall upon my head as I stand by your door
The wind it blows my skirt and my ears feel so cold they hurt but I don't move
The ice will not be melting on the ground or in this place on which I stand
Or in my heart

There's too many kinds of love that kill you
I'll be waiting for you
Take my hands I'll walk right through you
I'm a ghost of who I used to be
You're haunting me

Hear you on your mobile phone
Your voice is saying you're not home again, but it's a lie
I lay on your attic floor behind the little wooden door
My lungs fill with dust
And through the walls I hear you breathe and eat and laugh and dance and sneeze
But I don't make a sound


I will follow in my car even if you go so very far
I won't mind
Here, there, anywhere, if you are going I'll be there
I've lost my mind
Track Name: Monster
I'm staying in bed today
Shadows at my door won't go away
Something's lurking and I try to remember
What my mother used to say
Somebody at my shoulder
My little room getting colder
My body shivers and I have to remember
What my mother used to say

Please don't be scared of monsters that hide
Under your bed, inside your head
I'll sing you a love song or a lullaby
La la la la, la la la la

He won't sit on my shoulder
My little devil is bolder
Creeps under my skin and I have to remind him
What my mother used to say CH

Like Humpty Dumpty I've fallen so far
See all the pieces that used to be part of me
Pick me up gently, I won't feel pain
Maybe I'll go back together again

Track Name: Man on The Moon
I am waiting for the moonlight to take me far from here
I am waiting for the stars to shine and light the way

Feel the night time wrap around me
I'm safe within her arms
I am weightless I am flying I am lifted
Feel the wind rush in my ears
and yet there is no sound

Treetops and rooftops the village church spire
Leave them behind as I'm lifted up higher
I'll be there soon Mr Man on the Moon
I'll be there soon Man on the Moon

I am reaching for your beaming face
The smile that shines for me
Feel the twinkle in your eyes
I know you're waiting
I am freedom, I am moonlight, I am star shine


Ever higher, ever closer
See through my skin
Touch the soul within

Track Name: Fallen Angel
Pennies and pounds
pass the cash round
Pledging my vows to the plastic economy
Down on my knees
Forgive me please
Hand over fees to the god of unlimited beauty

Darling you look so divine
A miracles erased the time

If all the angels came tumbling down from the sky
Would you share the air you breathe
Soaring, falling, flying, crawling
Would you believe in me

Censor the lines, condition minds, hope that they buy
If we make them feel bad enough
Taming them thin, control the skin
Correct the sin of the real identity

Track Name: Made Up Story
Angels can fall, ghosts walk through walls
Into your home the monsters roam
But now you are grown
Make a made up story of your own

Auntie Sarah, fall to the ground
Murder polis, draw chalk around
Pick her up, carry her away
Jump in, jump out, let's hear you shout
See the weans play

The world is a story we tell every day
One to another in our own way
The plot is a land as yet unplanned
The pen is in your hand


Once upon a line of a song
You are the time it is upon
You are just a kid the possibilities
Are infinite


Murder murder murder polis, three stairs up
In the middle close, hit hit me with a cup
Now my heids all bleeding and my lips all cut
Murder polis, three stairs up